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Welcome to the         TiK

Packages and Plugins Project

Now TiK is back in actively supported development, and getting better and better. Here we actively support the plugins and add-ons, as well. The setup of this separate project for the collaboration on non-core items related to TiK is just for that. Some of the existing plugins are due to be checked-in here. The internationalization translation is just starting.

Other Packages     Feature: How to write a TiK plugin (still partially completed)

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The TiK Plugins are starting to trickle in for collaborative and just infrastructure support here.

The Internationalization (i18n) efforts for TiK are a (tiklang) module in this tikpkgs project. Would you like to help? (See below, also).
If you are registered with SourceForge, please take our Browser Languages Survey.

 TiK Users

 Watch for this site to become the download source for:

  • TiK Plugins
    While there are some plugins that are part of the core distribution, many more exist, and even more are possible. A TiK plugin is a software module especially written to become part of the running Instant Messenger client. It may display additional information in the Buddy List or Ticker, it may help managing, chats or buddy lists or logs, or merely be a fun tool.

    Recent versions of TiK are designed to have the core functions installed centrally, shared by all users on a given machine, either at the same time (e.g. exported X Windows) or when that user is logged in. The plugins here are intended to be installed in the user's own tik configuration directory, e.g.:
    • $HOME/.tik/
    • $HOME/.tik/media/
    • $HOME/.tik/packages/
    • $HOME/.tik/strs/
    • $HOME/.tik/tikrc
  • TiK Add-Ons
    One external add on is part of the core. In each TiK distribution, there is a helper script called configTool.tcl which can be used as a stand-alone tool to retrieve your buddy list from the toc server at America Online. In early versions, the tac.tcl commandline text-only console chat client was also part of the core distribution. But these two small items are only a drop in the bucket as compared with what is possible.
  • TiK Languages
    Just started is a full internationalization project. This will ultimately include the capacity to chat and IM in any language or script, but for now, especially includes the documentation and user interface.
  • Related Items
    This category might include things like installation aids, Buddy List export handlers (perhaps you want your instant status displayed on a webpage - write a plugin with a LISTEN socket, and access that LISTEN socket with a PHP script from your webserver on a different machine. That function does not yet exist. The PHP3 or PHP4 script would belong in this category.

 TiK Core Developers

You are already registered with the tikpkgs project. Please treat it as well as you have been treating TiK.

TiK Package Developers

If you are not part of the core TiK team, but still would like to take advantage of this collaboration and distribution site, please contact project manager. Even if the only participation you wish to have is to be linked at left, a quick E-Mail or IM is in order. See the Developers List

 TiK Translators

As of 18 May 2000, we've got the following languages with interest shown by translators:

  • es Spanish
  • pt Portuguese
Ultimately, we'd like to (at a minimum) support one translation for each of the 136 languages in ISO-639. Other possibilities include Klingon or Hieroglyphics, or more. Which languages can you translate to, from English, or from a language listed above. Join the team!

 License Note

Because this project may contain many distinct components by different developers and/or teams, the licenses for each component may be different. The commonality among these licenses is that they adhere to the SourceForgespecifications. That is, they are open- source and, for these, also free to use.

Among the various licenses, you may find some which are GNU Public License, Lesser (Library) GNU Public License, BSD or Artistic, or variations on these.

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