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The plugins listed below are not restricted quite as much as core TiK, which itself is under the GNU Public License. The modules listed below subscribe to the following license.

You may use this TiK add-on for any legal purpose, with some constraints. You take full responsibility for its use. You may adapt it to handle other functionality. You may release that code, but you are not constrained to do so. Only your changes may come under any other license, for derivative works. This notice must be posted with, or accompany any distribution of this software. For the sake of operational efficiency, it need not be embedded UNLESS the software is published in other than what is normally considered to be machine-readable form.

NO warranties of any kind are implied nor expressed. Your use of this software, or any software derived from it is permitted only under the condition that you indemnify and hold harmless all author(s) of the software, both for any damages it may cause to you, or to others. Your use of this software is ONLY permitted when you assume all responsibility for its use. If you are not capable of assuming that responsibility, you are not permitted to use it, either in original or modified form.

You may use and redistribute this software ONLY under the terms expressed above, and only as you agree to the terms of service that this software may be used with. If this software utilizes items based on the World Wide Web, you agree to the policies of that web content provider, while using that content. If it uses AOL Instant Messenger services, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of that service, while falling under the terms of that service,

If any word of this license is held to not be enforceable under law, that will not weaken any other part of this document. It shall be interpreted as closely to its original statement herein as permitted by appicable law.