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TiK Translators Homepage

Translation for TiK is a multi-stage process for each language:
  • The languagename.strs file in strs/
  • The uniquename.gif files in media/ (and possibly audio), and
  • The documentation.

Each is critical to the overall success of the internationalization of TiK for that language.

At the start, the original language for all is English. As such, the basic files in the TiK project were transferred via cvs and committed, last completed at 21 May 2000 20:48 GMT. This done periodically to make it easier for translators to keep track of the files involved, and to keep the tiklang effort within the one project. When/if packages or plugins have translations which need to go back to the core project such as for plugins developed originally in other languages which are taken into the core, that also will be handled administratively here.

Currently, the German legacy strings exist under the core TiK project, but have not been imported here: